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Birthdate:Jan 4
Location:United States of America
“Hither came Bill, the Bavarian, fair-haired, cheerful-eyed, pipe in hand, a wizard, a rover, a bozo, with gigantic jocundities and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his well cushioned rump."

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a. e. van vogt, alan moore, alan watts, aleister crowley, alfred bester, arthur c. clarke, astronomy, bertrand russell, blackadder, blue oyster cult, carl sagan, charles fort, charles stross, clark ashton smith, classical music, consciousness exploration, creatives, discordianism, douglas adams, douglas rushkoff, dzogchen, e.e. "doc" smith, edgar rice burroughs, eric frank russell, ezra pound, famous monsters of filmland, fantastic fiction, firesign theater, flann o'brien, fnord, forteana, frank herbert, frederik pohl, freedom, fritz leiber, futurama, futurism, general semantics, grant morrison, h.p. lovecraft, harlan ellison, hawkwind, heresy, hermann hesse, high weirdness, history, horror host, hugo award, iain m. banks, illuminatus!, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, jack parsons, jacques vallee, james joyce, jazz, john w. campbell, jonathan swift, karl edward wagner, karl popper, kenneth grant, language, libertarian socialism, libertarianism, life extension, linguistics, literature, mad magazine, manly wade wellman, marjorie cameron, martial arts, mathematics, maybe logic, metaprogramming, michael moorcock, monty python, mysterious universe, mythology, nebula award, necronomicon, neuroscience, new wave, occult, old horror movies, paganism, paul krassner, philip k. dick, philosophy, post-punk, prog rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, raja yoga, robert anton wilson, robert e. howard, robert heinlein, robert shea, robert silverberg, robert w. chambers, roger zelazny, samuel delany, satire, science, science fiction, sctv, self-determinism, skepticism, sociolinguistics, space colonization, space exploration, space migration, space rock, speculative fiction, star trek, stephen baxter, subverting the dominant paradigm, sword and sorcery, taoism, thelema, theodore sturgeon, thomas pynchon, timebinding, timothy leary, topology, tricksters, ufology, used bookstores, vajrayana, warren publishing, weird tales, wizards, woolgathering, writing, yes, zen
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